“Shea was instrumental in so many ways in helping my daughter craft the best essays possible. First, she sat with my daughter and brainstormed topics with her, asking probing questions about her experiences to help her come up with ideas of what she wanted to write about. Then, she helped come up with a schedule for writing drafts of the essay.  Writing drafts was something my daughter was not used to doing, and she learned it’s a very helpful part of the writing process. Finally, Shea gave wonderful, sensitive feedback to my daughter about her essays.  At no point did she write any of the essay; instead, she let her know when something worked — and when it didn’t — remaining pleasant and positive throughout the process. My last-minute daughter did not have time to take full advantage of Shea’s services for all her essays. But she had some wonderful college acceptances, and I do think that her Common App essay especially, which Shea had time to work on most with her, helped her to stand out in a big crowd of candidates.
– Maria, mom to Maia, Princeton ’18

“Even though sometimes when I was writing my personal statement I felt blocked and not inspired to continue it, Shea was always there to help me find new ideas. With her support, great critical thought, and full attention, Shea led me to write an amazing and winning essay that allowed me to get accepted into a college I have always dreamed of.”
– Alice, Sarah Lawrence College ’17

“Nothing is more daunting than the task of college applications – there is so much pressure. As a parent, you want to help, but there are so many layers in your relationship with your child that you can do more harm than good. Shea was truly our savior. She has the mixture of sensitivity, intelligence, experience and social skills that helped our son in a way that we could not. Shea not only helped our son narrow down his essay topic but was able to give him the structure and guidance to complete a beautifully written essay. Shea knows how to write, and her natural teaching style just worked for for our son and we feel so fortunate to have had her through this stressful process. We consider ourselves very lucky!”
– Miriam, parent of Jonah, Brown University ’17

“When I decided to pursue a graduate degree, the thing that worried me the most was the essay I had to deliver. Luckily I had the opportunity to work on this assignment with Shea at New York University. She really helped me to find my ‘unique value proposition’ and to develop a creative and perfectly written essay. Shea built my confidence in writing by encouraging me to find my style to tell the story successfully. As a result, I got accepted by Parsons The New School University. They actually sent me a letter saying how much they loved my application.”
– Astrid, Parsons The New School Graduate School of Design ’16

“I had a file in my computer called ‘college essays.’ In it were multiple drafts of my daughter’s college application essay. She wrote version after version. I would look at each one, offer some suggestions, and she’d try again. I knew the essay was not optimally conveying what it could – it was too busy, too full of ideas that were crowding each other out – but I didn’t know how to help her get there. We turned to Shea for some help. The resulting essay was a new creation: simple and strong, and it really captured my daughter’s spirit, creativity and tenacity in ways the prior versions could not. Shea’s intervention in the essay-writing process was invaluable. With her patience, openness, listening ear, and skill at facilitating effective writing, she found the essay that was already in my daughter and helped her pull it out. We cannot thank Shea enough for her role in our daughter’s college application process.”
– Wendy, parent of Katherine, Yale University ’14

“Thank you so much for helping me write a one-of-a-kind college essay. The one-on-one time you gave me allowed my essay to come alive. Because of your time and support, I received the full-tuition Posse scholarship I was working toward.”
– Shakerra, Frederick Douglass Academy ’07, Franklin & Marshall College ’11

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